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  • Something about Maudy
  • Delinda McCann
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  • 06 December 2018
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characters Something about Maudy 100 To My Congregation This first year as your pastor at Blackfish United Methodist Church has been a wild ride In the beginning I thought the bishop was crazy when he appointed me to your church He knew something had to change or the doors would close for good He also knew I needed direction in my life Perhaps the bishop was crazy crazy like a fox You never had a woman pastor let alone one who had once been an actress You b Something not About MaudelinSomething About Maudy turned out to be something of a pleasant surpriseWhy had I expected the kind of chick lit whereby the greatest problem our heroine faces is hooking the alpha male And where she spends her meantime slipping through the clutches and claws of inferior sorts those not uite up to scratch awful pun intended sorry Was I judging a book by its cover Blue Porsche sexy pink slip of a thing the young Maudy looks positively poured into the faithful felineI obviously hadn t noticed the church in the background but was nevertheless taken by the cover to not want to read the blurb to just dive inWithout giving too much away the book is written in 1st person narrative hardly discursive but a free flowing chatty style that swiftly drew me into Maudy s world not so much via my being a fly on the wall but as her confidant by the way she introduced to the characters making up her parish she s a pastor by the way how different and unexpected is thatCleverly though it isn t so obvious at the beginning and this is the last I ll say re the story Maudy against her nature flirts with a total stranger in a shoe shop I think it s a shoe shop I know she gets her heels stuck in the carpet Ok maybe not but the point is no pun intended this time is that no sooner the flirting over and she s having lunch with her guy who at least turns out to be bald so there s hope for all of usBut no the book doesn t take that route at all It s a bit of a red herring And so I recommend you read this wonderfully philanthropic book one with an optimistic outlook a book that offers faith and hope without ever reverting to the trite or saccharin it s well worth it Well written

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characters Something about Maudy 100 To serve all of you Love has a way of changing us like that This is an account of what happened in my first year at Blackfish UMC It includes a flood attempted murder of a young woman a cheating husband several natural deaths two divorces and so much I'm still amazed at all that has happened but even at how it drew us together Truly love conuers all I wonder what the next year will bring God bless all of you Pastor Maud I love the way this story unfolded over time It was like revealing a brilliantly constructed puzzle piece by piece It s a heart warming love story about a woman who suffers a shocking attack She suffers from memory loss issues with her family and much This book gives us an interesting insight into the life of a female pastor It s certainly not a subject many writers have touched I think that s a shame Women in the clergy have an important role to play and this book offers a strong and dependable role model Other issues covered like bullying theft marriage breakdown and are certainly relevant and add credos to the many problems facing people and their beliefs todayThis is the type of book that will touch many hearts regardless of your religious affiliations I am sure it will be a winner

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characters Something about Maudy 100 Arely tolerated my Porsche my dress my makeup and my style of ministering You didn't trust my son and couldn't understand why I didn't want you letting yourself into the parsonage when I wasn't home But somehow we managed While I was learning to appreciate all of you I met the man who was to give me a whole new outlook on life It couldn't have come at a better time It was his love that gave me the inspiration and courage There really is something about Maudy A well written book with charming characters and an interesting story Pastor Maude protagonist at the center of the book is a lovely person That has as much to do with who she is as it does with her vocation as a pastor A bit of a worrier she s also resilient and has faced down her share of demons She has her hands full too That includes Ralph a new boyfriend she literally stumbles upon when her heels get caught in a rug All sorts of other interesting and sometimes cranky characters populate the little town of Blackfish That town not too far from Seattle is where Maudy has to figure out how to save a dying church There she s confronted by all sorts of new challenges both personal and professional How does she do You ll have to read this thoroughly enjoyable story and find out for yourself A great read